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Divesting from Violence

In June of 2004, the Presbyterian Church USA became the first major religious institution in America to take a step toward divesting from companies that support the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. In an overwhelming 431 to 62 vote at their annual General Assembly meeting, the church approved a process called phased selective divestment. While the first opportunity to consider divesting from companies would not take place for another two years, the backlash against the church was immediate. Given the rather negative reaction that this decision evoked, it makes sense to look at the reasons that led the church to take this step. This program will explore why the Presbyterian Church USA began this process of phased selective divestment, what exactly the plan involves, and what the church hopes it will accomplish. Featuring interviews with Stated Clerk Rev. Clifton Kirkpatrick, Rev. Charles Henderson, Rev. Marian McClure, Dr. Glenn Dickson and more. Producer: Andy Trimlett (2006)

Producer Alternate Focus


Reviewer: CSUSBSIK - - August 9, 2006
Subject: Well done
Technically, the video is excellent and well put together. The interviews together represented a balanced and nuanced view of the church's actions.
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